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Sai Ram India is a renowned electronic security system provider in India. Our products are categorized into CCTV Surveillance System, Intrusion Prevention System, Fire Safety Solutions, Acces Control Systems, Detectors & Scanners (like DFMD, HHMD etc...), LED Search Lights, Door Automation, Video Conferences and IT Solutions. Our 7 years of expertise in electronic security and dedication to quality has gone into creating the most innovative range of products under our own customization and international quality conformations. Our Brands Stand out from competition in terms of strong backing from an experienced hardcore security firm like Digitals India. Our Products are backed by Strong R & D and manufacturing facility and a strong service support .

CCTV Cameras

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CCTV Surveillance System can be the most important step towards the secured, safe and Digital India. CCTV Cameras is most commonly used for Surveillance purpose in many areas around the world. There are over 360 million surveillance cameras worldwide. About 65% of CCTV systems are installed in Asia.

CCTV System can be composed of Cameras, Recorders and some Accessories

In the present era, most of the industries are using closed-circuit television camera(CCTV camera) for surveillance or other private purposes. We can also lower down the crime rates in the cities by installing the high definition CCTV cameras.